Are Your Stress Levels Stressing You Out?

Posted Jun 21, 2021 at 18:13

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We’ve all heard of stress. It can start from seemingly minor things such as a traffic light turning red, or those three hairs on your head not aligning with the rest, and it can come about from more serious things like being chased by something that wants to eat you….and everything in between. The point is, whatever the cause of your stress, the body’s reaction is the same. This is a completely normal thing to happen and within an hour the body should regulate itself again. But what if it doesn’t?

Multiple stressful events, day after day, can leave our bodies in a constant state of stress, warping our mental state until this becomes our new norm. This can lead to chronic high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, mood changes, digestive issues, more stress... the list goes on. So its super important for our long term health to identify and remove ourselves from this state!

We at Peak Chiropractic believe this so much that we screen every single client for signs of emotional involvement and closely monitor its development. We will even refer clients where applicable to work on their mental health before or alongside care with us, making sure it remains a priority.

Here are some things that can be done by yourself to make sure this never becomes a problem in your future;Breathing exercises.

There are many different techniques out there but the idea is simple. Take slow, deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth consecutively for 1-2 minutes. Ideally done in a quiet space.

Physical activity.

This can be heavy activity to release endorphins and take your mind off things in the moment, or lighter exercise like Yoga or Tai Chi to help ease you into a calmer mental state and improve resilience to stressful triggers.

Taking control.

Taking control of your own life and therefor actions can be hugely powerful for our mental state. It allows us to focus on what makes us happy rather than everyone else around us, unburdening us from social triggers.

If you would like to know if stress may be contributing to your physical symptoms and would like some help on managing this, why not book on to one of our FREE discovery days?