The traditional and standard approach in musculoskeletal healthcare is to perform an assessment, look at the site of pain (failure point) and target that area, usually with stretching or strengthening exercises and pain killers.

What our Clinical Director, Dr. Andrew Smy DC, found out many years ago was that in most cases, the site of pain (failure point) is just the area of symptoms and not actually the true cause (stressor point). 

The traditional healthcare approach has led many to suffer with short term pain relief and tolerate their symptoms returning shortly after, wasting their time and money. 

At Peak Chiropractic and Kinesiology we have had enough of wasting your time, money and effort on this approach. 

Our dedication to finding your body's true stressor points means you can enjoy long lasting improvements in your health, allowing you to get back to doing the things you love in life. With our unique 6 step system you will save money, enjoy your time in better health and spend your energy on the things you enjoy doing with your friends and family. 

We have helped thousands of people throughout North Staffordshire who have been failed by the traditional healthcare approach.

The conventional approach, usually involving several trips to (and painkillers from) the GP, is to see a therapist and get a diagnosis like ‘ you have one leg shorter than the other’ or ‘your pelvis is twisted’. This is followed by a sheet of exercises, and a few sessions focusing on the area of you that hurts...

The FIRST thing that happens at Peak Chiropractic and Kinesiology is that you get a clear breakdown of the areas of stress in your body and nervous system and HOW they impairing your health and causing your body to produce your symptoms as an alarm! 

This then leads to a realistic expectation of the time frame and cost for you to achieve your health goals.

These results are delivered in a bespoke hands on treatment plan accompanied by functional neuroscience education and rehabilitation strategies which go far beyond a generic sheet of exercises and massages to the areas you feel tight in. 

All of our clients are supported throughout their journey by our expert team of Clinician’s and Myofascial Therapists. 

This is the EXACT approach you can expect from everyone at Peak Chiropractic and Kinesiology. Our whole team has trained extensively with our Clinical Director, Dr. Andrew Smy DC, and are highly skilled in the use of our unique 6 step system, hands on treatment techniques and cutting edge neuroscience education and rehabilitation. 

On your first visit you should expect to receive an honest opinion of what is causing your health concerns along with an upfront and realistic expectation of the timeframe and cost of getting you back to your best.

No more session by session guesswork hoping things will be different next week. Our tailored plans ensure we take out the guesswork and have you stepping towards optimal health with every visit. 

After your first session you are not left isolated at home wondering how you can help yourself. Our team of clinicians is accessible at any time between your visits via call, email or social media to make sure you are supported through each step of our unique 6 step system.

Each visit builds on the last. Our tailored hands on care alters at every visit to match the changes that are occurring in your nervous system.

As you begin to break the habit that led to your current health concern our team then does the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR STRUCTURED PLAN which is to ensure all of your stressor points have been addressed and the changes made have integrated into your nervous system.

This part is often missed with traditional approaches which only focus on the painful areas for short term relief!

You see, just because the pain is gone does not simply mean that you are ready to head straight back to long walks, 60 hour work weeks  and chasing after the kids. We need to be 100% sure that you are ready and not be guessing about whether you can do them or not.

In our experience this is the NUMBER 1 REASON PAIN AND HEALTH CONCERNS RETURN AGAIN QUICKLY meaning you waste time, effort and hard earned money. This is avoided using our specific ‘ stress and test’ procedure which SHOWS you WHEN you are ready to enjoy the things you love in life again, in better health, without guessing and hoping. 

When your pain and health concerns are gone and you are feeling calmer, moving freely and trusting the connection you have re-built with your body,  we will be here for you to optimise your future health so you can continue to be the person your family and friends have come to expect, throughout your lifetime.

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