Step 1 Understanding

We listen to your health story and put the pieces together for you so you can make sense of WHY your health concerns are affecting your life.

Step 2 Discovery

We use our unique ‘stress and test’ procedures to pinpoint and DISCOVER the root cause of your problem and show you the areas of your nervous system which can be improved.

Step 3 Solution

We explain your SOLUTION in clear simple terms with no fancy medical jargon so you can get back to doing what you love in life in the best possible health.

Step 4 Interruption

In the first chapter of your journey we help you DISRUPT your current pattern of health with tailored hands on care so that your nervous system can  function in a new pattern which allows your health to be expressed to its highest potential.

Step 5 Integration

Once you have interrupted your old health pattern and have built new habits, our second chapter of care focuses on INTEGRATING these changes into your nervous system, ensuring they have a long lasting impact, not just short term relief!

Step 6 Optimise

Our exclusive memberships provide ongoing support so you can continue to OPTIMISE your health throughout your lifetime allowing you to perform at your best for yourself and those who need you most. This allows you to reconnect with yourself and thrive!

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