The Triad Of Health-Why You HAVE To Understand It!

Posted Apr 01, 2022 at 04:29

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Every day people who come to see us in the clinic comment on how different what we do is to what they have experienced previously. One of the things that comes up in the conversations is how we look not only at the body as whole but also how we take care into account other things that may be contributing to health problems of the individual. 

When we talk about health it is important to remember that there is something called triad of health. Usually represented as a triangle, it represents the three aspects of our health that get challenged every day since the moment we are born. These three areas of our health are: structural, chemical and emotional. When these three are in balance, then we have the highest chance to functioning at optimal level and stay free of pains, aches and disease. However, once one or  more of these areas are out of balance, that is when experience all sorts of health challenges or disease. 


It is easy to imagine how structural imbalances affect our health and wellbeing in general and how they affect nervous system. Poor posture, injuries- even mild, lack of exercise or exercise done improperly, it all affects our structural health. If left untreated, it leads to change in muscle tone, further injuries, pains, aches, subluxations and most importantly affects nervous system as the brain does not have any more a clear map of the body. That creates further issues and stress to the whole system negatively affecting the other areas of health: chemical and emotional. 


Our body relays of finely tuned chemical processes that are happening all the time allowing us to breath, move, digest, speak, defend our body from invading organism and so on. Every single second of our life there are chemical processes taking place throughout our body. It also means that we need the right amount or the right nutrients and fluids in every single day. With the modern diet, stress, use of painkillers and other drugs, environmental stress and so on it is easy to realize that many of us don’t get enough nutrients, consume too much stuff that is not good to our microbiome and overall chemical balance in our body. Chemical imbalance in our body puts stress on all systems, the nervous system, that controls everything else, including. Therefore, often at the clinic we refer our clients to functional nutritionists and other specialists to help with the chemical imbalances in order to help restore and optimal health. 



The mind- body connection is not a new topic to those who follow our blogs and come to the clinic. Stress and trauma that we experience throughout our entire life has a huge impact on the nervous system and how our brain functions. When we are in emotional state, we are not in the rational state in which the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex functions optimally. The longer we spend in the limbic system – responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response- the more the rest of the body will be affected, with inflammation, pains, aches, muscle tone changes and all sorts of disease and health problems taking place. 

It is easy to see how all these aspects of health interlink and why it is crucial to assess and when required to work on all of them or prioritise one at a given time. If you would like to learn more, just have a chat with our clinicians. If you feel like your health and wellbeing is not exactly at the level you would like to be, why not to book a consultation and let the clinician to assess which area of your health is the priority that needs to be addressed to help you live at optimal level.