10 Back Pain Myths You Need To Forget!

Posted Sep 29, 2021 at 10:30

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Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is often associated with costly, ineffective and sometimes harmful care. So that all being said I thought I would outline 10 misbeliefs and 10 facts about lower back pain (LBP).

Myth 1: LBP is usually a serious medical condition.

Myth 2: LBP will become persistent and deteriorate in later life.

Myth 3: Persistent LBP is always related to tissue damage.

Myth 4: Scans are always needed to detect the cause of LBP.

Myth 5: Pain related to exercise and movement is always a warning that harm is being done to the spine and a signal to stop or modify activity.

Myth 6: LBP is caused by poor posture when sitting, standing and lifting.

Myth 7: LBP is caused by weak 'core' muscles and having a strong core protects against future LBP.

Myth 8: Repeated spinal loading results in ‘wear and tear’ and tissue damage.

Myth 9: Pain flare-ups are a sign of tissue damage and require rest.

Myth 10: Treatments such as strong medications, injections and surgery are effective, and necessary, to treat LBPSo now we know that these myths are not correct then we can stop the behavioural responses that could be causing more harm for example avoid, slouch sitting which is a normal spine posture. Also can avoid movement and loading of the spine in the fear that it will damage it further. Furthermore they may lead to a person to opt for more biomedical and/or invasive interventions in an attempt to ease symptoms for example pharmacology or injections.

Here at peak we can assess and find the muscle or structure that are causing that issue and correct it and with regular care make sure that any potential problems can be averted. With massage or adjustments. So come and see us and get an assessment!