5 ways to boost your productivity! The Art Of Getting Shit Done

Posted Jul 04, 2022 at 16:10

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Do you want to be more productive?

Do you want to increase your work output? Do you want to be more efficient in your personal and professional life?

To become a powerhouse with productivity, you don’t have to download the latest productivity app or master your calendar. Those may help, but the secret is to do things differently.

It’s all about your mindset to productivity.

Here are four things that productive people do differently. Let’s find out what they are.

They Avoid multitasking

Productive people increase their efficiency and quality of work by focusing on one task at a time. People who look at productivity differently know that when their attention is divided between many things, they accomplish less, not more. They focus on something in their career and personal life that matter to them. They know it’s okay to let other things go and focus on what matters to them.

They have a Less is more mindset

Productive people choose to do less. They focus on what matters, not what makes them busy. They take a less is more mindset.When you think about productive people, you may think they know how to bang out a long to-do list by the end of the day. That’s a myth and not what productivity is all about. Productivity is saying “no” to things that could be done but don’t need to get done that day

They Embrace the suck

Productive people put in the work. They know that they must embrace the suck and do the mundane. They fall in love with boredom.

People who look at productivity differently fall in love with the process of working smart and hard. They master the fundamentals and welcome the boring things into their life.

Productive people put in the work and buckle down. They know that if they embrace the process, they’ll appreciate the successful outcome more. They focus on getting 1% better every day at what they do.                   KAIZEN !

They Plan less and DO MORE 

Productive people start to make things happen and change the plan as they go where needed. A great idea or plan is nothing without action


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