A Neck Problem Or Just Neck Pain?

Posted Jun 29, 2021 at 08:53

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A neck problem or just neck pain?

Have you ever had a niggle in a certain joint that just keeps coming back no matter how much work you do to improve its function? Or maybe a knot in your back that not even a body builder could iron out?

If so, you may be looking at the completely wrong area!

The above complaints are examples of things we hear every day from new clients in our clinics as they desperately seek answers to their most stubborn of issues. The thing is, it could be something as far as the complete opposite end of your body that’s causing these symptoms to stick around.

Between 3 and 6 million years ago early humans began to walk upright as opposed to the previous method of walking on all fours in a ‘Cross Crawl’ pattern. This provided us with a whole heap of benefits, but our brains still held on to the patterning that walking on all fours gives us. This can be observed through our gait.

Each step we take has involvement from the whole body:

As our left foot goes forward, our left hip will rotate forward also to help lengthen our stride.

Our opposite (right) shoulder will then move forward as in cross crawl patterning.

To ensure we keep looking forward our head must rotate towards said shoulder, causing the neck to rotate.

As we continue to walk this mechanism sets up a rotational relationship within our joints and soft tissues, relying on each part to do its job so the rest can follow suit.

Here’s where the issue lies. If one part of this mechanism stops functioning as it’s supposed to, it can have a huge knock-on effect elsewhere in the body. Joints won’t be able to do their job properly and so other joints and muscles will have to adapt. The longer this goes on for, more adaptations occur until eventually symptoms are experienced.

This is one of many reasons why we insist on looking at you as a whole rather than just focusing in on the symptomatic areas of your body.

If having your entire body working in harmony sounds good to you, or if you are experiencing the above problems, why not a FREE Discovery visit?