Are Your Breaks Breaking You?

Posted May 01, 2022 at 09:51

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Something we hear far too often is people complaining that their back aches after a long day at work. But when asked if they take breaks throughout the day, there's often an excuse, ‘I don't have time’, or ‘I never remember’. Everyone knows they need a break throughout the day, and depending on your job, it can be a legal requirement to have a break part way through your shift, but many of us still dont take one as often as we should. 

So why don’t we use our breaks?

Not having time is one excuse we hear all the time, but it's a lie. You do have time, but are you managing it efficiently? The answer is probably no. For people who work with a flexible schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to fit in a proper break. You get caught up in the work you’re doing and don't stop and think until hours later when your back is screaming at you that you need to get up and move. You know you feel better if you stand up and move, or do a few stretches, so why don't you? It can be hard to take a break when you’re in the zone, you feel super productive and don't want to lose that. But did you know that research has shown that taking regular breaks can actually improve performance and boost productivity? 

Another common excuse is simply not remembering to take a break. If that's the case, there's a simple solution. Set an alarm! It’s as easy as that. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every 60-90 minutes to remind yourself to take a break. The most beneficial breaks are ones that involve nature, so going for a short walk, or just standing outside the office or your house for a few minutes. If that's not an option, then just walk around the space you have. Grab a drink, chat with a colleague or family members if you’re at home. Do something to take your focus away from your work and think about something else for a short period. 

Taking regular breaks doesn't just improve your productivity, it's also been shown that it can improve your mental health and wellbeing and increase job satisfaction. Try to stay away from social media when taking a break, and instead try to connect with yourself. Take a short nap. Have a short meditation or yoga session. 

Every excuse you can think of for not taking a break, is actually a reason why you SHOULD be taking a break. 

Working can sometimes be stressful, but don't let it take over your lives. If you want to find out about more ways you can improve your health and reduce your stress levels, then get yourself booked in for a free discovery visit.