Can I Predict Your Future?

Posted Feb 09, 2021 at 12:56

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I’d argue yes and here’s why.

Every single event, experience, person, smell, decision and every second we’ve loved, is recorded in the subconscious hardware of your brain and it is what makes you, you. It determines your personality, your likes and dislikes and the decisions you make.

When you consider which coffee shop to visit you think of the last time you went there, the experience you had and whether you want to repeat it or not. Or you could be deciding whether to buy a BMW or Toyota, again your brain trawls through archives of conversations, first impressions, reviews and experiences to form an opinion on those brands and which one best suits your needs. What I’m saying is every decision we make is based on what has happened to us in our lives.

As we haven’t yet developed a functioning, affordable time machine... (it won’t be long), we can’t change our pasts, therefore the person we are in the present and the decisions we will make are inevitable and predictable. If we can predict the decisions we make now (as they’re based on our uncontrollable past) we can then predict our futures based on those inevitable predictable decisions. Would you agree? If we can agree on that then this next part should be easy to digest as well.

If our past determines the decisions we make in our present, we can predict the decisions we will make in the future and therefore predict what our future will look like. This will leave you feeling 1 of 3 ways...

1) fantastic- I have more amazing things to come 2) indifferent- I am content now and therefore will be content in future OR possibly the more common response...

3) how do I change my present because I don’t want my future to look the same.

If you fall into the last category don’t worry, you are not alone and I am going to explain how we can change that.

In order to change our future we must break down what we’ve already covered. If our past dictates our present and by knowing our past we can predict our future through our decisions, we are left with one key option. ACTION.

The only way we can offset our future from its current trajectory, based on your past, is through actionable change. Nothing ever changes for better or worse without actionable changes. One of my favourite words is insanity, by definition insanity is “repeating the same process but expecting a different outcome”. To change our predicted future we must change our present selves. If we do not change our present, we will not change our future.

Now change is inherently difficult. It goes against human nature and neurophysiology (how our brains work). But, if we want to change our future we must first change our present. We can do that in the smallest or largest ways possible, based on the scale of our present decisions. For example, I buy apple products because my past experiences have been good ones, I am familiar with their software (my latest forms my present opinion) if I let my past dictate my present we can predict my future. If I were to disregard my past and by a Microsoft computer my future now looks different (for better or worse is unknown) than it did before I made that purchase- wouldn’t you agree?

This is a rather simple but random example of how to change my future. It may affect my career if I use the computer for work, but it would be safe to say it would affect my future minimally. However, if we apply the same theory to a specific area of our lives and on a large scale we could see a larger shift in a future trajectory.

One of these specific areas we see on a daily basis is health. Every second of our lives from birth to present day has resulted in your current health. Therefore unless we change something we can predict our future health as it’s on the same trajectory. To improve our health we need to change our present day decisions in a way that contradicts our current pattern. We must action those changes often enough to shift our trajectory to one of health, not disease. As one small actionable change is not enough to create a significantly different future, that actionable change needs to be repeated with enough intent and frequency to significantly alter your health’s trajectory.

Disclaimer: this change won’t be easy, as I said it goes against every fibre of our being to go against what we know but in order to have a healthier future, one of pain free days, endless energy and optimism we must change our present.