Can Your Thoughts Change Your Reality?

Posted Jul 25, 2022 at 16:37

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I have recently been reading (or listening) to quite a few interesting books on biology of belief, the power or our mind and thoughts and how we can change our reality by changing our thoughts. Since every day in the clinic, conversations about the power of our mindset and beliefs take place, I thought it is worth to put some of the ideas that I have learnt along the journey to optimizing my mindset and beliefs into a blog. 

In all of the books that I have read so far around the topic, the common thought appears to be: we can change our reality if we have clear intention of what we want, we connect with it so strongly that we experience the event in our mind as if it already happened with all the emotions. We have to feel it with all our being. We need to feel how we walk, how we talk, how we speak when our goal is achieved and become that. 

Another very important thing is to express our gratitude to the for the event as if it already happened. Gratitude is one of the emotions with higher frequency, like love or joy. It is not an exercise to be done once on an isolated occasion when we feel inspired. It is rather a way for us to operate on a daily basis so that it becomes a habit and our way of being. 


Another thing that comes up in the books I have recently been reading- is the strength of the desire. Yes, we may want something. We may try visualisations and positive affirmations and so on but unless we are truly go all in into that what we desire, it may not really go all the way we really want. There is a fantastic book talking about the strength of our desire and how it helps to shape our reality “The miracle club” by Mitch Horowitz that I am currently reading and many others including work of the amazing Dr Joe Dispenza that many of our clients would have already have heard of. 


When it comes to setting up the goals in our life. We want to be bold. We want to set ourselves a goal that will make us excited. If you set yourself a mediocre goal you are very likely to have mediocre level of engagement and desire to achieve it. 

What’s the advice then? Set yourself a goal that scares you, that makes you excited, that anything else needs to align with that desire. That you go to sleep and cannot wait to get up every day to do more work that brings you closer to that goal. 

The universe doesn’t really like us to be lukewarm. If you want something- be bold about it, be hot about it, and have the desire greater than limiting beliefs you might have accumulated over time. 

Let us shake your world a bit. 

Are you ready to get excited about that one thing you want to achieve?

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