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Chiropractic Vs Kung Fu Movies! Part 1

Why on earth do chiropractors adjust the neck?!

Here are the top 10 reasons it is an essential area to treat for all who wish to live a life full of vitality

The neck or cervical spine is a key area of interest & relevance for anyone who has aches or pains in their body, regardless of the root cause of the issue.

It has 7 vertebra (the same number as a giraffe so you know), named C1, C2 etc to C7, The top vertebra, C1 also known as the Atlas, was named after the greek god who in mythology famously held the globe on his shoulders.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the neck is key and could hold the secrets to unlocking your pain;

1) Foundation for the cranium;

The cranium houses the brain, the control centre for all function, like any masterpiece architecture, the foundation is important, hence, the skull also needs a solid foundation.

2) Body position sense called "proprioception";

The joints & muscles in the neck provide the brain with huge amounts of sensory information of where the neck is in space resulting in the brain being able to coordinate the body accordingly.

3) Cervical spine as a gyroscope;

Everyone knows how a spirit level gives a level, and an aeroplane gyroscope maintains its orientation in space, the neck should function in a similar way, providing the brain information enabling it to constantly reposition the body correctly.

4) Relationship with eyes;

Much of our movement relies on a key relationship between the eyes and the neck. If you see someone turn to the right in slow motion you'd see the eyes move first, then the head will turn in a calculated response to the eyes. This system can be disturbed resulting in symptoms such as muscle tightness, pain and dizziness, thereby needing recalibrating.

5) The neck is related to jaw function;

An optimally functioning neck allows the jaw to function better- key for full body freedom of movement, balancing, eating and speaking ( See our fantastic blog about the Jaw here>>>> )

Stay Tuned For Part 2!

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