Chiropractic Vs Kung Fu Part 2- The return of the crack!

Posted Dec 14, 2020 at 09:38

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By Chris JohnYou can check out part one of this blog on our website but without futher wait, here are the next top 6 resons why Chriropractor's LOVE adjusting necks!

6) Joint stiffness comes with muscle tightness;Where a joint is stiff, as a rule, the associated muscle cannot function to it's full capacity...results in 2 main things, other nearby muscles compensate for weakness leading to issues further reaching from the neck AND also a predisposition to further injury to the neck tissues.

7) Resilience to Osteoarthritis;Like a snake, each segment of the spine doesn't move much, but the combination of these movements creates greater overall movement. So, if one joint stops moving, what will the joint above & below have to do to pick up the slack?

They'll be forced to move more. If a joint is suffers wear & tear faster...Aka osteoarthritis.

A chiropractor will target the appropriate joints to restore the neck to it's full fluid potential.

8) Neck issues cause far reaching muscle weakness;Irritation of the cervical joints causes irritation of the nerves that exit the spine, this leads to a reduced output to the muscles resulting in muscle weakness in the arms predisposing injury there AND can cause reduced or unpleasant sensations in the arms such as pain, tingling, pins & needles.

9) Area burdened by stress;The neck often holds much built up emotional stress & tension {see our fantastic emotional tension blog!}. Treating the neck has the power to disrupt this painful pattern of held stress and anguish by stimulating the rest, digest & healing part of the nervous system, releasing endorphins and restoring freedom of movement.

10) Relationship with the lower back;This relationship is known as the Lovett brother principle. The neck and lower back act as a see-saw in essence, they counter & mirror eachother. That means that one can cause issues with the other.

11) Breathing;The neck moves as we breathe, if it doesn't our breathing cannot be efficient. Is oxygen important to the function of our muscles and organs?

Furthermore, the nerves that control the diagphram come out of the neck at C3-5. So if these levels of the spine are not calm and moving freely, the nerves cannot control the diagphram effectively.

So there are many key functions the neck has and so many issues that can arise from when it doesn't perform as it should. These issues do NOT need to stay, the body can heal and the brain can re-learn.