Did You Know You Have Two Brains?

Posted Jan 24, 2022 at 17:12

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Have you ever heard of the expression ‘having butterflies in your tummy’?

Of course you have. You will also certainly have experienced it at some point in your life too, and more than likely will at some point again soon. Even the worlds most elite athletes still get butterflies before their races.

These feelings are not just fleeting thoughts we have in our heads. They are, in fact, solid evidence that our gut has a huge connection to our emotions and is very much tied into our daily state of mind.

The gut is filled with neurons (specially designed cells used to transmit signals from one tissue to another).

100million of them in fact!

This is more neurons than our ENTIRE SPINAL CORD. You know, that thing that pretty much every signal to every muscle, joint, fascia in our bodies is carried through.

This makes our gut a 9 meter long, extraordinarily intricate part of our bodies that self regulates chemical balance, rhythmic contractions, absorption of nutrients and even had its own reflexes.

What’s more, the gut contains approximately 100 T R I L L I O N individual bacteria, both good and bad.

To put that into perspective, our galaxy (the milky way) contains 100 thousand million stars.

1 trillion = one million millions.

There are more bacteria in our gut than there are cells in our body. By a significantly large amount. We have an entire microbiome inside us, and it plays a massive role in gut (and therefor body) function. Think about that the next time you rush to the doctors for a course of anti-biotics.!