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Do I need foot orthotics or new feet?!

Many of our clients ask us if they need to wear orthotics or whether their current ones are helping them. Read on to find out our answer!

👣What are orthotics?👣

Orthotics are inserts that go in shoes that AIM to correct the neutral resting posture of the foot and act to improve the function of the foot and ankle movements.

This sounds great! BUT what are the potential issues with this?

📐Many orthotics are not measured accurately for the precise needs of the client. This causes the foot to be in conflict with the ground with every step, causing distress and often pain throughout the body.

Plus, as the foot function is so dynamic, the demands of the foot and ankle constantly change in a way that the static orthotic can't adapt to.

👢An orthotic acts as a foot support. When an area of the body has an external support, that area gets 'lazy' causing it to weaken over time.

Take an individual with knee pain for example, they may only be pain-free when wearing the support. The knee learns to rely on this support, so the brain see's no requirement to activate the knee's stabilising muscles. When muscles are used less, they get weaker.

🔎Orthotics aim to deal with the functional issues with the foot, HOWEVER, they do not remedy the WHY there is an issue with the foot & ankle function.

Back to the knee support analogy, the support offloads the knee stress so the pain reduces, however the cause of the issue is still very much there.

Meaning, the improvement in symptoms is merely reduction not cure.

For these reasons above, orthotics may be making you worse not better, regardless of whether they have reduced your pain.

Do you want to permanently wear a knee support or have strong stable knee's?

💪What can I do to improve my foot function?

An effective exercise involves a dog toy!🐶

Roll the softer parts of your feet over a solid rubber dog ball for 2mins each foot, to relieve tension plus increase foot strength.

At Peak we assess foot function with all our clients and find the source of the problem, often eliminating the need for orthotics.

👣Are you wondering if you need orthotics or concerned that your current ones are causing or making things worse?

Would you like to know how to truly improve the function of your feet and ankles?

If so, why not book a free discovery visit to have a chat with us where your feet are with us in person!🔧🐾

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