Do We Have X-Ray Vision?

Posted Jul 06, 2021 at 09:22

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A question we are often asked is “How do you know what the true cause of the issue is without XRAY or MRI’s?”.

Unfortunately the answer isn't XRAY vision, instead we use a series of tests to precisely and accurately test each structure until we come to a definitive outcome. Effectively it's a game of guess who but instead of characters with distinct features its joints, nerves or muscles that have a distinct pattern.

As we are all made up of the same flesh, skin and bones and each individual structure plays an extremely specific role within the body we are able to systematically work our way through the possible options until the results tell us the answer.

Yes, you read that right the tests and its results tell us the answer, all we do as practitioners is interpret those results and provide the clients with its answer.

This is one reason why we are able to confidently state whether we can or can not resolve an issue and give precise time frames for that. It is not the practitioner's opinion or what they may think it is as a result of an educated guess or small bit of research, instead the true cause has been found through a series of methodical and specific tests which lead us to the outcome.

This system only works because of how the body is designed. Every nerve, muscle, even cell is there for a reason and based on the client's symptoms and test results we can confidently identify the true cause. Yes these tests in some scenarios can include XRAY, MRI or blood test but only in specific cases are needed in which cases we as practitioners will advise and refer for these.

Until the discover of a crystal ball or invention of XRAY vision (keeping our fingers crossed) the widely used and gold standard of pathological testing and imaging is all we have.