Do You Need Support?

Posted May 26, 2021 at 06:00

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Are you ONLY pain free or get relief when you're wearing knee, elbow or other joint supports or orthotics?

Orthotics, joint supports & weight belts, are artificial devices that create a false sense of stability to your joints and thereby can reduce pain.

BUT, this creates problems!

Your joints are kept stable by three main factors:

Your Nervous SystemYour Active Muscular SystemYour Passive connective tissues (Ligaments, tendons etc)So supports are replacing what these three things should be able to do.

When an area of the body has an external support, that area gets lazy causing it to weaken over time.

Take an individual with knee pain for example, they may only be pain-free when wearing the support. The knee learns to rely on this support, so the brain sees no requirement to activate the knee's stabilising muscles, send information to the brain or keep tension in the passive tissues.. When these systems are used less, they get weaker.

Often we see people who wear supports that have 'sorted' the original problem but are coming in with countless other aches and pains.

All the support has done is redirect the stress to other parts of the body!!!

For these reasons, support will be making you worse not better, regardless of whether they have reduced your pain.

Supports DO NOT remedy the WHY there is a stability issue with the areas function.

Back to the knee support analogy, the support offloads the knee stress so the pain reduces, however the cause of the issue is still very much there.

Meaning, the improvement in symptoms is merely reduction not cure, and is shifting the strain to another area of the body.

By CORRECTING the neuromuscular function of the muscles you create REAL stability and can throw the artificial devices away.

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