• Chris John

Forget a 6th Sense, are you even using the 5 you have?!

Brain need input!🧠

Our nervous system controls and regulates our whole body including our breathing, blood pressure, and right down to throwing a ball and thinking.

Why? To survive & thrive in our environment!📈

It does this by receiving an incredible amount of sensory information from our surroundings to generate precise responses to maintain balance and adaptability.

This sensory information comes from the eyes, ears, tongue, nose and billions of sensory receptors we have in our skin, muscles, tendons, bones and blood vessels.

Our brain NEEDS as much of this information as possible to function efficiently.

The problem is, the brain can be deprived of this information such as when there is joint stiffness, immobility, pain, eye weakness, hearing imbalance, the list goes on!

The lack of these signals is called deafferentation and is the source of ALL musculoskeletal issues.

If the brain see's less information, those areas get weaker just like muscles would, drastically affecting how well that area of the body can be controlled, leading to health issues and pain.

At Team Peak, we target these underactive parts of the brain to BREAK engrained bad movement habits and ACTIVATE amazingly efficient and strong new habits, leading to improved vitality, health and ease of movement.

Want to know what this feels like? Come join us at Team Peak to experience a new lease of life with a thriving active brain.

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