Get headaches? Have you had your coccyx checked?!

Posted Jul 06, 2021 at 09:43

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When people get headaches, many people turn to the pain killers to get relief, rather than have the cause treated.

The root causes of headaches can be far-reaching from the head itself. One cause we often find is a coccyx subluxation.

What is the coccyx?

The coccyx is the bottom-most bone of the vertebral column, it is attached via a joint to the sacrum- the keystone of the pelvis. It is suspended on every side by ligaments and muscles aiming to keep it in its optimum position.

How can it contribute to headaches?

This bone is the bottom anchor point for the spinal cord to attach. The brain and spinal cord are enveloped in a sausage like membrane called the meninges. This acts as a protective covering, it contains nutrients and assists in maintaining natural movement & balance between the cranium and pelvis.

Headaches can arise when there is tension in the meninges, like a kink in an elastic band, when this happens at the coccyx, it pulls at the opposite end- the head!

This is known as 'dural torque'.

How can the coccyx get injured?

Repetitive microtrauma such as cycling.

Traumatic injury such as a fall on the bum.

It can also become dysfunctional due to compensation from other areas of the body.

Interestingly, there have been many cases where women who have had long standing headaches since falling on their coccyx (causing it to 'hook' forwards (towards the groin)), have given birth only to find that the years of chronic headaches gradually disappear.....

Have you had years of headaches and want to know where they are coming from?

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