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Health Professionals: Judge, Jury and Executioner?

Have you been given a poor health sentence by a GP or another health professional?šŸ’€

Unfortunately far too often we meet clients who sadly tell us that another health professional has told them their condition can't be helped.

This is often ill informed and remiss. It leads people to lose hope, and with what we know about how poor emotional well-being damages health, people's conditions then get worse.

Just because a health professional says your condition can't improve doesn't mean that it can'tšŸ’€

Health professionals can only advise from their perspective based on their exposure.

Unfortunately, many advise on areas outside of their remit & expertise.

Even in the cases when mainstream medicine doesn't have evidence of a cure to a condition, there are other factors and interventions at play that can relieve much of the associated issues with the condition.

ALL conditions that people struggle with have nervous system compromises that either cause or confound the problems.

In other cases, the problems can be sorted completely!!šŸŽ‰ All that is needed is to see the RIGHT person who can help you achieve that directly or refer, to gain exactly what is needed to eradicate source of the issue.

At Peak we pride ourselves in helping people who've been told they can't be helped whether that's with out own hands or a fruitful referral!

Do you feel you've exhausted all your care options?

Worried you could end up living with the issues for life?

Why not book in for a FRE discovery visit to thoroughly talk things through with us?

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