Health Span vs Life Span

Posted Jun 13, 2022 at 15:40

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When discussing health, we can have very different thoughts and opinions on what the actual end goal is. There are generally two camps here, there are those that focus on increasing lifespan, and there are those that focus on increasing healthspan. (also those that don't care about either but that's for another blog) Anyways , these two camps do often overlap, but they can be quite distinct in their approaches due to their differences in end goal.

So what is healthspan and what is lifespan? What is the difference?

Lifespan is the one that people think of most often when people discuss longevity. Lifespan is basically the absolute quantity of your life, usually measured in years. People who want to improve lifespan look to research to see if any daily habits, diets or supplements lead to people living longer. The goal of someone interested in lifespan may be to live to 100 years of age. 

You might think this is a great goal to have, and it certainly is. But do you want to live to 100, even if you don’t have a high quality of life?

This is where healthspan comes in. Healthspan is not just a measure of the years of your life, it is often described as the amount of life in your years. People concerned with increasing healthspan, don’t necessarily care about increasing the number of years of their life (although that is often a secondary goal), they care about being able to enjoy the years that they do live, and not being debilitated by pain, chronic disease or general infirmity as they age.

The Holy Grail is finding an approach that leads to increases in lifespan and healthspan. So you can live longer, and have vitality through those years. 

Here at team peak we are all about improving our own and your vitality to potentially increase our time in this world

The Four pillars we tend to focus on are:

1 - Structural Health

This is how fit you are. How fast and how far can you run? How strong are you? 

2 - Emotional Health

This is to do with the way in which we view the world from our past experiences and conditioning. What I see as stressful may not be for you right?

3 - Chemical Health

This is the environmental toxins and food we eat. You are what you eat ! Junk in junk out 

4 - Recovery

Humans are designed to be on when they're on and off when they're off. Do you firstly get enough off time e.g 8 hours plus sleep a night? And if you get enough time, are you actually off or just a lower form of on?


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