How architecture can improve your health!

Posted Nov 24, 2020 at 16:26

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Is a combination of tension and integrity and is a principle in health care and architecture in which singular structures are under balanced stress to provide overall support. In the same way the table (left) can support a coffee mug, the human body (right) can stand vertically while relaxed.

In comparison a non-tensegrity object such as a house uses compression forces for strength,and often breaks or collapses at the point in which maximum load is applied. If a huge amount of weight is applied to one particular corner that will be the one that breaks, the maximum force and the breaking point are directly linked.

An object with tensegrity such as the body would behave differently, if a huge weight is applied, the force is shared evenly amongst every structure. The point which breaks would be that of the lowest breaking force, this is likely not to be the point in which the force was placed upon. This is why the phase “ a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is so applicable to the human body” the location of the force and the location which breaks down do not have to be the same location.

This is just one way we can explain why so often we see clients in our clinic that have had long term stress applied to areas of their body, yet the area they have symptoms isn't the area that needs correcting to resolve their symptoms.

So next you think of the human body, think of it as an abstract tensegrity table and not a conventional house.