How Long Will It Take Me To Get Better? Part 1

Posted Apr 21, 2022 at 16:18

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How long will it take for me to get better ? (Part 1)


This is one of the commonly asked questions at the clinic. And it only make sense that we want to have some timeline, right. However, as you would have learned from previous blogs, our heath is a sum of many factors: your structural, emotional, chemical health and recovery. 




The time it takes for you to live pain free will be different than the time to live optimally. It will depend on how long you have had a problem for, how is your overall health, past injuries and traumas (emotional and physical). How long and whether you will get better also massively depends on whether your believe that you can get better. If not, then ask yourself why you think and feel that way. Do you believe that you can get better and live pain free? Has being in pain became part of your identity and what would you lose if you were pain free? Would people expect more from you? Would pain stop being an escape from toxic relationship or toxic work environment? Or do you believe that you can’t get better because your mum or dad had arthritis or back pain or whatever and you are convinced that the same things has to happen to you?


How long will it take for you to return to health or gain optimal health also largely depends on what you do once you are not in the clinic: what you eat, how much do you sleep and what is quality of your sleep, what is your attitude: do you live being stressed, angry and fed up and so on. 

Our environment is a huge factor contributing to our health. I will use here analogy taken from Brandi’s Mc Donald book for chiropractors and chiropractic clinic teams ‘Sipping brandi’.  I like to use this analogy in my practice in the clinic. Let’s take a beautiful gold fish. It will thrive in clean water. If we put it in toxic tank, its health will quickly deteriorate, would you agree? We can take the fish out of the toxic tank for a bit, once a week, once a month and give it a little pamper. It will feel better but as soon as it return to the toxic tank , its health will get worse. 


Let’s say now that you are the beautiful gold fish. You find yourself in environment that is draining you energy. It can be work environment that makes you anxious as soon as you think about it or resent being in. It can be relationship that instead of positive emotions adds negative emotions to your life.  Or it can be family members that heavily rely on your help while failing to take ownership of their life and affairs without handing that responsibility to others. 

You don’t need to have all these things going on in your life. One toxic environment and toxic beliefs are enough to hinder your efforts to become healthy. 

It is a good start to come to the clinic and get adjusted, get your nervous system working more effectively and with clearer map of your body. This is like taking the fish from our analogy out of the toxic tank for a bit. And yes, if you go back to that environment, habits and beliefs that got you into the pain and fight or flight response, you taking tiny step back in your journey to optimal health. 


This is just a food for thought. There has been many research done now that shows that our beliefs and environment paly massive role in our health. And in answering the question of how long will it take you to get better, all these factors must be taken into consideration.

The good news is that we also have some figures and timelines for tissue healing time and if you are interested in reading more about that, check in with us next week’s blog on the topic.