How Your Smile Is Destroying Your Spine

Posted Jan 14, 2021 at 10:19

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Do you look in the mirror and hate how hunched you are? Maybe you concerned that you’re going to end up a stooped little old woman like your mum did? If so, read on as we have the solution for you!

Your not alone in the above concerns, we have seen thousands of clients at the clinic who come to us concerned about their current posture at what’s it's likely to mean for their future health. In fact, avoiding turning into their parents is often a number one health goal for clients at our clinic! It’s the main reason we assess posture with every new client and review it every 3 months with them!

Over the last decade there has been lots of research that has shown that the position of your teeth and your jaw actually changes the shape of your spine and can negatively impact your posture. Yes, you read that right you teeth can impact your spine!

So one reason spines can deteriorate over time is due to poor function of the jaw and position of the teeth. There are literally hundreds of causes of jaw problems which we investigate with our clients but here is a great tip for you to start improving your posture right away!

The position of our jaw is often dictating by the position of our tongue as the floor of the mouth is made entirely of muscle! To relax the muscles and release tension on the jaw we can use a technique call mouth taping.

To effectively mouth tape you simply need to place a piece of microporous tape over your lips when you sleep at night. This will ensure you breathe through your nose, and not your mouth, allowing all of the face and jaw muscles to fully relax for your 8 hour sleep. This helps improve jaw function and thus optimizes your posture meaning you stay straight, healthy and upright for years to come and avoid looking like the hunchback of Notre dame!

For further information on mouth taping, keep you eyes peeled for our next blog on this topic. If you would like to have your posture and jaw assessed why not booked in for an initial consultation which we currently have on offer on the website for only £80 instead of £160. Just fill out the form on the website and we will be in touch!