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Is Your Brain Unbalanced?

Updated: Feb 23

Something you'll hear us talking about at the clinic are the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the nervous system. The reason for this is that optimum function and balance of these divisions is ESSENTIAL for good health and well-being.

So, what are they?

They are the two zones of the nervous system that control and regulate organ processes in the body. They unconsciously control and regulate muscle tone, heart, bowel and bladder function.

They function in opposing ways however, are both vitally important to your health.


This zone is known as the rest, digest and healing zone. It acts to increase the resting essential functions of the body such as digestion & healing and decrease heart rate and blood pressure.


On the other hand the sympathetic system is involved in the fight, flight & freeze stress response. This is stimulated by exercise and PERCEIVED threat causing the release of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

This leads to an increase in heart contraction rate and force, sweating and suppresses digestion including the stomach, gall bladder, intestines & salivation.

An efficient balance and interplay between these zones of our nervous system is essential for EVERYONE for good health & well being.

BUT, what if one is stuck in this sympathetic zone?

If these adaptations to stress are consistently in place?

Unfortunately, in our clinics we too often see many who are stuck in this energy consuming sympathetic zone of the nervous system longer term, this causes far reaching issues relating to digestion & gut, heart, kidney & circulation and mental health.

The good news is spinal adjustments activate the parasympathetic nervous system and tone down the sympathetic nervous system.

Therefore, our clients can expect delightful changes in their health status and bodies functions, such as improvements in digestion, bowel & bladder function, mood, sleeping, energy levels, recovery from stressful events and faster healing!

What else can you do to help activate your parasympathetic system?


•Breathing exercises


•Time in nature

•Less time in technology

•Dive whole heartedly into your care with us at Teampeak.

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