Is Your Pelvis Really That Important?

Posted Jun 15, 2021 at 09:24

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Have you ever felt like your body favours one side over the other? Maybe you find it comfortable putting weight on your right hip but not your left when standing? Or maybe the base of your back starts to ache if you stand still for more than 10 minutes? These are just a few of the many issues your pelvis may be to blame for!

I studied and worked on the body for over 7 years before joining Peak Chiropractic and the pelvis was something I had never really put much focus on. Now it’s the first and arguably most important thing I check in EVERY client I see.

Our pelvis is our foundation. All our weight is transferred through it when we walk, and it’s the thing we sit on every time we give our legs some rest. It also provides a base for all our organs to sit in and has many major attachment points for muscles going up and down the body. It really does it all! So, it makes sense that we want this amazing thing to function as well as possible, right? Not convinced yet? Let me show you some of the changes a dysfunctional pelvis can cause.

A dysfunctional pelvic girdle will change the way weight is transferred through our body. The issue may start at the pelvis, but this will have a huge knock-on effect both above and below.

It can make one leg seem shorter than the other, changing our biomechanics for every single step we take, putting more load on some parts of our joints and less load on the others.

It can change the curvatures of our spine, adding lateral (scoliotic) curves and thus recruiting large muscles either side of our spine asymmetrically, causing functional changes in the shoulders, jaws and spine itself.

If left long enough it can start influencing other weight bearing structures in our body, such as our discs. This can result in weakening and eventually bulging of these structures.

These Dysfunctions are a lot more common than you think. The majority of us will have some form of these changes at various stages and the earlier they are found, the easier they are to influence!

If anything you have read has resonated with you, or if you want to see how your pelvis is functioning, be sure to give us a call to book a FREE discovery visit with a member of Team Peak!