Kill Your Comfort Zone To Love Life Again!

Posted Feb 02, 2021 at 08:10

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Your comfort zone kills growth- FACT!

There can be no growth in your comfort zones and yes plural because we have more than one. For each different area of life; career, finances, relationship or health we have a different comfort zone and we can be comfortable in challenging our comfort zones in some areas and petrified in others.

To start to challenge your comfort zone you need to identify what it looks like and how it makes you feel, often your comfort zone is the place you feel relaxed and confident, by identifying what that looks like you can then identify how you will start to challenge it.

A zone most of us feel confident to challenge is in our careers, we will have unpleasant conversations when needed, start additional training or courses needed to progress because we know the rewards gained by doing so; additional pay, work life balance, stacher and so on.

But one zone we see on a daily if not hourly basis that people struggle to challenge is their own health and by that I do not mean they don't want to be healthier, of course they do, everyone wants to be healthier you’d be mad if you didn't. But wanting something without taking action is nothing more than an idea, a dream. For the action turns an idea into a want and turns that want into a true possibility for change. That action comes by challenging our comfort zones and as the name implies challenging that comfort zone will be uncomfortable, it may take considerable effort over an extended period of months or years, it may make you address and change lifestyle habits but if that's that action is what you need to challenge your comfort zones and grow, then thats is what's necessary.

Only when we identify our comfort zones, create a want to change and take action on that want over an extended period of time will we grow. Only through growth will we become better, only through growth will we become healthier, more successful, a better person and growth can only happen when we challenge and take action against our comfort zones.