Learning The Lingo!

Posted May 26, 2021 at 05:56

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Often health care terminology can be confusing, but in reality it was only designed to make ordinary people like us feel intelligent. Depending on who you speak to the same thing can be explained 5 different ways using different jargon each time, leaving you with what sounds like 5 different diagnoses which all mean the same thing. So if you sometimes feel your health care practitioner is speaking Parseltongue (one for all the Harry Potter fanatics like me) here’s what to do!

ASK, it's as easy as that, like anything when you’ve submerged yourself in a specific world for years you can sometimes lose sight of explaining the basics. It can happen in any profession engineering, business or healthcare.

Here are Peak we try our best to explain complex neuroscience in a simple way whichout referring to idiotic mistruths of bones being out of place and in doing so help clients understand their bodies and health better.

Here is a common language problem we run into on a daily basis, Sciatica, Peripheral Neuropathy, Disc prolapse and a Slipped disc. All of which are examples of different terminology to explain the same thing. Sciatica is a term used to describe the symptoms (what you feel), Peripheral Neuropathy is a pathological diagnosis umbrella term which means it can cover multiple true causes. A disc Prolapse explains what one of those true causes could be and is in our opinion the best diagnosis out of the aforementioned and lastly a pet hate of ours a “slipped disc”. Where it ‘slips' off to is still unknown but is a poor way of explaining the true cause due to either a lack of understanding by the practitioner or a perceived inability to understand by the client.

If you take anything from this blog let it be this, just ask! We love what we do and we love talking about it even more. We would love to help clarify, clear up or explain any confusion caused by the language that gets used.