Living In Limbo

Posted Sep 02, 2021 at 18:38

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A feeling most of us may be familiar with by now is that of limbo. By definition it is “an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution”. Since the long awaited easing of recent restrictions many of us were hoping life would return to normal. But due to the constant unrest both at home and overseas many people have been left feeling like they have one foot out and foot still in, waiting to be dragged back.

This means that life is still on hold waiting for more normal times to return before big decisions are made. Whether that be relationship, occupation or health decision, it is human nature to seek safety and more predictable times until these decisions are made.

The issues with this are; 1) When will that time be 2) You are purposely preventing your life from positively progressing due to fear of the unknown 3)The longer we leave it before a big decision is made the more our reality worbs the potential severity and consequences of those decisions.

Much like sharks we must keep moving forward or else we die. (animal lovers- is this a myth?) Below is a technique I've been using to ensure I've been moving forwards regardless of what's happening around.

Simply, allow yourself to win. It might sound obvious but we are in control of the parameters and metrics in which we consider success or failure. So why not change those metrics and the thresholds in order to reach them to achieve more of them!

To some people an Olympic gold medal is the difference between success and failure for some it's setting a new personal best but others it's simply turning up. Now the feeling of success will be the same for each individual when they achieve their goals as that is what they consider to be their threshold but the frequency in which they have that feeling differs tremendously.

So why make life hard for yourself, set small goals every day, every hour if you can so that during this time of worldwide unrest you are still progressing and moving forwards even if those larger life decisions remain unknown. Success breeds success, that's the law of attraction. Starting with waking up on your first alarm, may allow you to read 10 pages of that dust covered book on the shelf before work. Before dinner you’ve had 5 bursts of success just for doing life!

You're successful in a time that many are spending waiting for the right time to come before they even start. Pick the low hanging fruit and in doing so it may make those larger decision that bit easier.