Longer visit, better outcome..... right?!?

Posted Jun 15, 2021 at 09:49

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Something people often associate with an effective treatment and one that is good value for money is a long treatment.

In this blog we will dispel this myth!

Thinking rationally, it is the effect and outcome of the treatment that denotes the value, not the length.

If this can be achieved in a short space of time vs an hour e.g. does that not create greater value?

The treatments at Peak tend to be 10- 15minutes long.

In this time we can review how the visits are going so far, acknowledging anything that has changed between visits, assess exactly what adjustments are needed to create the biggest difference to the clients health and well-being; then deliver those powerful adjustments!

Research into the neurophysiology of the adjustment has found that when adjustments are received in quick succession, the therapeutic effect is greater.

This is due to Neural summation, the process by which multiple excitatory or inhibitory signals are added to generate a cumulative effect on the brain.

The last important consideration in delivering an effective treatment is ensuring that what is done, holds, meaning the neurological improvements made in the visit stay until the next time we see our clients, in order to keep building.

One of the biggest ways to ensure this, is to not do too much in one treatment.

The nervous system that controls and regulates everything, can only beneficially receive so much in one session, the brain NEEDS time to process and integrate the big changes that have happened.

So, more time, multiple modalities and time spent discussing the weather don't necessarily mean a better result!

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