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Not So Corrective Exercises

I've been doing exercises for months and the pain is still there, exercise based approach

Sick of doing strengthening exercises and getting nowhere?!

At Team Peak we see countless clients who have been given specific exercises to complete in an aim to strengthen muscles to become pain free.

⚠️There are some big fundamental issues with this, meaning often it doesn't work⚠️

If the answer to injury prevention and muscle dysfunction was lifting weights, stretching, and repetitions, then professional athletes would never get injured.

Issue 1

There is one standout question that is, WHY is the muscle weak?!

🔌⚡Because the brain isn't activating the muscle properly⚡🔌

It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, how much weight you can lift, or the number of repetitions you can perform, if the specific muscles are not being switched on by the brain, there will be stability issues.

Blindly strengthening the muscle with exercise does not take away this why.

It temporarily sub-optimally strengthens the muscle for as long as the specific exercise continues. Possibly enough to offload the area to reduce the pain after a lot of work, but certainly not removing the underlying cause and not powering up towards your full health potential.

Issue 2

You will not be strengthening the full ability of the muscle.

If the brain is only switching the muscle on to 30% of it's ability, you will ONLY be strengthening this 30% of the muscle.


The answer is to improve the brain-muscle connection thus enhancing the muscles ability to contract, powering it up to 100%!🔌⚡

The muscle then protects, moves, and stabilises the joints it crosses.

Creating a flourishing pain free life!

(This is where we come in😎).

Issue 3

These prescribed exercises often make the problems worse by plastering over the underlying issues allowing them to worsen and also by overwhelming the area, aggravating the already injured tissues!🔥

Have you been doing exercises for months without results or are unable to do many of them because of pain?😭💥

Why not come chat to us about it and be thoroughly assessed to find out why this hasn't worked for you and have a plan mapped out to get you sorted🚀

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