On You Hitting The Target Still In 2022?

Posted Jul 11, 2022 at 09:49

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It’s JULY!, that means we are now in the 3rd quarter of the year and have left the first half behind us. 

If you’ve read our blogs before you know we love goals because “things that are measured, are improved”. 

So last week we all took time together as a team and individually to assess how our previous quarter “Q2 April-June” and 1st half Jan-June went.

Did we achieve our 90 goals, if we did great that should put us on track to achieve or yearly goals. If we didn't, why didn't we? Was it in our control? Were there external challenges (trick question there always are). 

Most importantly what do we need to do over the next quarter to get back on track and what can we do right now to start that process.

Reflection is a key part of leaving one quarter of the year behind and moving forwards onto the next. Ideally it's easy. Yes I achieved every target, let's have a pint to celebrate. But it rarely happens like that, which is great.

Because when we make these goals or targets we set them high. We think of a goal we would like to achieve then we level it up and that is the goal. For example, if I want to run X miles, it becomes I want to run X+5 miles. 

Subconsiosuly we will always sit on the side of caution initially because it's easy and our brains are programmed to avoid failure. 

While we are setting these 90 day and yearly goals there is no way of foreseeing the year's challenges. We see this glorious green grass meadow with little rabbits hopping around with a sea breeze as our path ahead. 

When in reality there are often many unknown challenges to overcome. Which again is fine

That's life, no matter how prepared we are these things will happen to us regardless. 

But that shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals.

Use this week, the start of Q3, to reflect what you have and haven't achieved in the year so far. Why haven't you achieved them, and have you done everything you could have done. 

Then turn the page and write your next 90 goals, to set right the shortcomings of the last 90 days. For the goals you have achieved, that's brilliant. What's next?

What can you do over the next 90 days to continue to grow? And set that bar high, higher than you initially thought. 

No olympian set their goal as being county champion and seeing what happens after that. They set the goal to be olympic champion and not everyone can achieve it, but by falling short of that they can still achieve some pretty amazing things. 

What does every inspiration instagram say “Aim for the moon and if you fall short you may lay amongst the stars” 

That quote may be more relevant if it referenced the 3 failures to launch and crash landings prior to the successful launch but that wouldn't fit on a T-Shirt.