• Mason Hancock

Posture: How Do You Measure Up?

Posture is a big part of our clients health journeys.

We measure this metric in various different ways during the initial consultation. The first being a clients opinion of their own posture using a 1-10 score. This helps to give us, as clinicians, an indication as to whether a client values structural issues over function or symptomatic. Also whether a client has a true understanding of their current health state.

The second way we measure posture is through the nervous system function in the form of a vitality score obtained through a serious of 5 tests. Posture is regulated by your autonomic nervous system which is the same area which allows us to breath, blink and digest food without consciously thinking about it. This is another reason why posture is so difficult to change though conscious thought alone because it’s regulated through a different area of the brain.

The last tool we use to measure posture is an analysis software where we determine eye, shoulder and hip level along with spinal alignment from ear to ankle tracking major joints along the way. The software helps to evaluate degrees of tilt and resulting biomechanical changes such as increased head weight.

To ensure we achieve the goals we’ve establish during the initial consultation all these metrics are reviewed at regular care plan progress visits.

So how do you measure up? If you don't even know how your post would score we defiantly recommend booking in for a FREE Discovery Visit!

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