Sciatica: Cause or Effect?

Posted May 17, 2021 at 18:33

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Every week in the clinic we have new clients coming to see us with sciatica. Normally these clients have researched the term 'sciatica' and we love this! Many aim to educate themselves enough to accurately convey the symptoms they are feeling.

But the problem lies exactly there.

The problem is not with clients. We as clinicians really appreciate the importance clients place on their health. But the problem is with the definition of sciatica. Not only is it a hugely overused and misused term but also doesn’t answer the most important question, why?

Sciatica describes the symptoms somebody feels. This is typically pain originating in the lower back or buttock. This pain travels down the back of the leg to the foot, and this can be accompanied by pins & needles, numbness, and tingling. What it doesn’t tell us what is generating those symptoms, why it is or how severe that damage may be.

This is why as clinicians at Peak Chiropractic we do not use the term sciatica. It leaves more questions unanswered than it does answer. Instead, through a thorough investigation, we identify the true root cause of the symptoms. As well as the severity of the cause and its origins. Using this information, we can increase the accuracy of our treatment plans and methods. This results in an individual approach to each client.

Using the information you provide, alongside our expertise, we will provide you with personal care. Not only to identify the true cause of your pain. But to tackle the root cause precisely.