Somebody's Home....But Are The Lights On?

Posted Feb 02, 2021 at 08:14

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As part of every consultation our clients complete a series of tests called the Vitality tests which assess how the nervous system is functioning, as we feel the nervous system takes priority above all. But why?

Firstly the nervous system is composed of the brain and all our bodies nerves and together control every living cell within the body. As it controls everything, we first need a properly functioning nervous system before anything else and often by improving the nervous system this clears a lot of problems throughout all aspects of the body.

The human body is like an electrical circuit. The nervous system is the electrical current and muscles, tendons and ligaments are all light bulbs. Pain is like a light bulb that isn’t lite- there’s a problem. Now the light bulb may be in working order but without an electric current it will not work, only when there is a proper electrical current will we know if the light bulb is working or not. The body is exactly the same, a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint may be causing you pain and first you must have a proper current from the nervous system in order to know if it's working properly or not.

Simply, If the nervous system is not working at 100% the effect will appear as changes with the function of the body, whether that be reduced flexibility/movement, difficulty balancing, understanding where the space is around you or pain. In order to correct the effect on the body we must concentrate our effort on the primary cause being the nervous system.

To understand how the nervous system controls the body we need to know how it works. The brain being one component, lives in a dark cave which is the skull and the only way the brain understands what's happening outside its dark cave is through the information from our 5 senses including touch which is the information the body gives it through the nerves. To see how well the body's nerves are communicating with the brain and how well the brain can process that information and provide accurate movement is by accessing the client with their eyes closed. This way the brain is solely relying on the information from the body's sense of touch and if the nervous system is then shown to be working sub optimally we know there must be dysfunction and poor information coming from the body to the brain.

It is then our job as a clinician to locate the area of the body providing poor information and correct it, improving the nervous system and as a result improving the function of every living cell in the body. This process of identification, correction and improvement goes far past pain and stiffness, we are improving every aspect of living whether that be the ability to concentrate, the client's perception of life and events and how their bodies react to types of stress.