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Spinal Adjustments Slow Down Ageing!?

What is ageing?

It's the process of change in the properties of a material occurring over a period, either spontaneously or through deliberate action.

So what do we associate when we talk about ageing? Stiffness, weakness, digestion not as good as it used to be, maybe even pain is seen as acceptable?!

We can't slow the birthdays coming, but we can slow the effects of aging!

Many many clients when they first come to us try to justify that some of their issues are acceptable because they're older, this is absolute bollocks.....

These perceived effects are the effects of a fatigued nervous system struggling to function well.

The good news is, we are experts in improving this and do so hundreds of times every week!

So, improve the ease of function of the nervous system, feel 10years younger💡

Mobility issues for example...

When restriction of a joint or muscle occurs, the brain receives less stimulation causing increased free radical pathology.

In other words, when our muscles become tight or more immobile, a decrease in mechanoreception occurs, and we accelerate the aging and disease processes.

Most researchers agree free radical pathology is the biggest cause of aging and disease.

What can you do to reduce the pace of aging?

•Stay hydrated, drink at least 2litres of water every day

•Eat a healthy & varied diet

•Reduce caffeine & alcohol consumption

•Cut smoking

•Reduce & manage stress levels effectively.

•Supplement hydrolysed collagen & vitamin D

•Visit Team Peak to have your nervous system tuned up to the full!🔧

If you'd like any advice on reducing the effects of aging & maximizing your neurological potential why not book a Free Discovery Visit with us.?

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