Staying Strong And Coordinated as you Age!

Posted Apr 21, 2022 at 17:23

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We are all aware that as we age we notice a subtle decline in certain areas of our health & while some accept it for what it is … others take action and stop the decline in its tracks  ! 

If the latter sounds like you , keep reading …

Lots of  physical abilities decline with normal aging, including strength and stamina. In addition to these muscle-related declines, there are also changes that occur in coordinating the movements of the body. Together, these changes mean that as you age, you may not be able to perform certain activities and live a high quality of life.


Changes in strength and stamina with age are all associated with decreasing muscle mass. Although there is not much decline in your muscles between ages 20 and 40, after age 40 there can be a decline of 1% to 2 % per year in lean body mass and 1.5% to 5% per year in strength


Changes in coordination are less related to muscles and more related to the brain and nervous system. Multiple brain centers need to be well coordinated to allow you to do everything from hitting a golf ball to keeping a coffee cup steady as you walk across a room. This means that the wiring of the brain is crucial.


It turns out that one of the most important causes of reduced strength and coordination with aging is simply reduced levels of activity.There is a myth in our society that it is fine to do progressively less exercise the older you get. The truth is just the opposite! As you age,it is so important to stay active and exercise— perhaps even increasing the amount of time you spend exercising to compensate for bodily changes in hormones and other factors that you cannot control. 


Check out the following recommendations below so you can take action now !


-Participate in aerobic exercise ( daily walks , swimming , jogging etc)


-Participate in strength based movements (weights , pilates for example)


-Quality sleep and nutrition should be a non negotiable


-Care for your brain ! 


Remember, our brain controls everything in our body & also how we think , act ,feel and interact with the world around us.


            When your brain works right - you work right !


With a healthier brain , you will be happier , physically healthier , wiser , make better decisions & live longer !


Are you an action taker wanting to take control of your health ?


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