The Certainty Of Stress

Posted Aug 05, 2021 at 09:18

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Throughout all our lives there are few certainties in life but stress is one of them. At some point in your life you will be stressed whether it is because of work or your personal life, it will happen.

So what is stress? Well from a physiological or biological standpoint it is the nerve and chemical response to a disturbance to the body’s homeostasis, so what does that mean?

Well in simple terms this means that something like illness or an injury or just having a busy day at work can cause imbalance within the body.

This imbalance can affect the body in a negative way for example the physical effects are;Headaches Sweating Muscle tension Shortness of breath Increase in heart rate The mental effects of stress are;Anxiety Lack of focus Forgetfulness And low mode With all that being said there are ways of combating stress and helping elevate some of these symptoms for example; Stress diaries are good because you can track your stress levels and then look back at them and identify any triggers.

Scheduling and making sure that you know what you need to do and for when so then you can prioritise your jobs avoiding last minute rushes for deadlines.

Talking with someone is also a very good tool as just the simple act of getting the stress of your chest and sharing it will help but also the other person may be able to help by giving advice or guidance.

Sleep and exercise are also good ways to help reduce stress and they will both release endorphins In the brain improving mood and calming you down.