The secret to a juicy pork chop!

Posted Sep 29, 2021 at 10:39

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Pork chops can be quite a dry meat, but adding this one simple step can make them juicy and alive with flavour.

The secret is to brine them beforehand.

Brining is basically soaking them in a salted liquid (usually water) for a few hours before you begin to cook them. This process draws more liquid in to the pork making it super juicy.

Making a brine is simple. All you need is water, brown sugar and salt.

You can add extra things to the brine for flavour too, such as black peppercorn, honey, herbs and spices per your taste, and even substitute some of the water out for things like apple cider, stock, beer or white wine.

All you need to know is the ratios of the main ingredients. The rest is really up to you!

The ratios are as follows.

1 Litre of warm liquid (warm enough for the salt to dissolve)72 grams of salt2 Tbsp brown sugarMix everything together until all the salt dissolves, then let it settle to room temperature before adding the pork. Make sure you add enough to cover all of the pork, then refrigerate for anywhere between 2-16 hours.

Once you’re ready, remove the pork, pat it dry with some paper towel and cook!