The Steroid Everyone Seems To Be Taking...

Posted Aug 05, 2021 at 09:03

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We all get aches and pains in life, it’s inevitable. What we do about these aches and pains however is a completely different story.

Since the introduction of computers, desk jobs, smart phones, fashion etc. our bodies have begun to be put under new, repetitive stresses on a daily basis. While we are fully able to carry these tasks 99% of the time, that extra 1% creeps up fast, causing damage and forcing the body to respond in the best way it knows how… Inflammation.

Inflammation is a huge part of our bodies natural defence mechanism. It protects, provides for and heals the vast majority of issues we have throughout our lives. It can also unfortunately be darn painful.

This is what drives most of us to seek relief, especially if it’s been going on for over a month with no sign of letting up. This is where corticosteroid injections come in.

These injections are highly effective at suppressing the inflammatory response. The only trouble is it has no effect on the trigger.

This means that the issue the inflammation is trying to resolve is still there. The only difference is that now it’s healing at a much slower rate. In addition, you are now able to use the part of the body in question much easier and with no pain response, further damaging the local tissues and potentially worsening the issue in the long run.

This for me is a direct health example of papering over a crack and is the epitome of SICKCARE.