The Top 10 False Beliefs People Have About Chiropractic

Posted Jun 02, 2022 at 08:51

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They think treatment will hurt

While mild discomfort after a session is not uncommon, treatment shouldn’t ‘hurt’. Sure, if turning your head hurts and we need to put you in that position for a moment then it may be uncomfortable but the actual treatment will not give you pain.

They think it will be like what they saw on the internet

Chiropractic videos on the internet are a fantastic way of spreading the word and the potential benefits of care, however there are many techniques all indicated (or not indicated) depending on presentation and practitioner preference. Your practitioner should select the best course of care for you, not what looks cool.

They think all they do is crack stuff

‘Cracking joints’ (adjustments) are a huge part of a Chiropractors arsenal, but certainly not the only thing. At Peak Chiropractic we use a range of other techniques (E.g Osteopathic cranial techniques, Kinesiology, Functional Neurology and more) as well to give you a well rounded gold standard of care. Even if we only performed adjustments however, HUGE benefits would still be had if done right.

They think it will magically fix things

As much as we’d like to believe it, we’re not magicians. Just like most pain being the product of years of poor function, it will take time to sort out again. The good news is that the earlier you start, the quicker that journey is!

They think it’s a con/lacks evidence

This is just untrue. There’s Millions of Pounds/Dollars spent every year to show Chiropractic works and improve its outcomes and efficiency. A simple PubMed search will give you more than enough evidence.

They think it should take 30mins+

In every session we aim to provide the correct, specific treatment indicated by the testing done on that day. This usually takes 10-15 mins and is bespoke for each individual each session. We could go super slow or do additional unnecessary things but what would be the point? That’s just taking valuable time away from someone else who needs it too. 

They think it will only take 2 minutes

See above Re. bespoke treatment

They think it’s just to do with the spine

Neck and lower back are certainly the most frequent complaint sites. These are really common stress areas which hold lots of important parts of the nervous system. This is not the limit to a Chiropractors knowledge though. Many Chiropractors (including ourselves) look at the whole body and more importantly how it works together. A problem in one place can have knock on effects on multiple others, spinal or not. We find the issue wherever it is and correct it.

They think we are all the same/They think we are no different from Osteopaths/physios/sports therapists

I’ve put these last two together because it addressed a really important question i’m very often asked. 

The difference between Chiropractors, Physios, Osteopaths etc. is just as big as the difference between two Chiropractors working in the same village can be. A bad Chiropractor is always less beneficial to see than a good Physio, and vice versa. Read about, ask around or even go visit a practitioner to truly see what they’re all about. 

As for our clinic, we work differently because we focus on getting to the root cause of issues rather than just chasing symptoms around. We work with and make long-term changes to your nervous system to benefit you in a salutogenic way.