The Top 10 Ways We Boost our Clients Performance: Part 1

Posted Jan 12, 2021 at 09:28

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We all have different goals in life and different things that motivate us to boost our health.

Be it running that 10km faster, walking to the shops pain free or playing with our children with no hesitation. Whatever the goal, improving the performance of your nervous system and thus your physical ability is key to get you there, living a more pain free life full of vitality.

Here are 10 performance enhancing effects of having regular visits at the clinic:

1) Increases strength of muscles;Muscle activation is governed by the nerves that supply them, the signals transmitted along the nerves can be reduced by a vast number of things, However adjustments improve brain- body connection, This allows them to power up muscles to their full potential.

2) Increases strength, endurance & stability of the core;The core is a central foundation for our body. A strong core allows stable 'dissociated movement' of our 4 limbs, meaning our arms and legs can move freely, independent of the rest of our body. This is important as it reduces stressful load through our body, improves balance, and is more energy efficient.

3) Increases joint range of motion;Using running as an example, adding key cm's to stride length. Across a 5k run for example, if hip extension was increased by 1cm, assuming Barry's (let me introduce Barry the runner) stride length is 78cm (the average runners stride), he would cover 64m further with the same number of strides!

Another example in racket sports, if shoulder external rotation was increased, this would result in a further distance to gain acceleration into the shot as well as a greater release of gained elastic energy resulting in faster & more powerful shots.

4) Increases muscle & tissue elasticity;This is important as the more elastic tissues are, the more potential energy that can be stored within the tissue. This increases the power and efficiency of any involved movement whilst also saving you energy.

It also helps to prevent injury and creates ease of movement, not having to fight stiffness in your body.

5) Improves ribcage & spinal mobility;This improves ease of breathing and increases lung capacity to get in more of those valuable O's. More oxygen to your brain, heart and muscles can only be a good thing!

Spinal flexibility allows for fluid and dynamic movement, so you can ease through whatever activity that comes.

Stay tuned for part 2!