What Are You Paying For?

Posted Apr 25, 2022 at 11:16

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What are you paying for?

Every single day we run into different objections when it comes to a client starting their journey to better health. In some cases it's a genuine reason that’s stopping them, but more often than not it's just an excuse. The most common ones we see are finances, or proposed timeframes. 

We know we are not the cheapest clinic in the area, but we’re not trying to be. Our goal is to provide tailored care plans for individuals that want to improve their health and wellbeing now and in the future, not just to get people away from feeling pain. Our approach is constantly growing and evolving in line with the latest research, to ensure we are always able to provide the best care to all of our clients. This means that our recommendation is often quite different to what people expect. Most people are used to a plan of up to around 8 sessions, or just a see how we go approach. This often works for pain relief, but not for long term resolution, especially if the problem has been going on for years, if not decades.

Sometimes we encounter a different issue. Sometimes, the length of the treatment is a concern, and this is when we ask the question: what are you paying for? Each treatment session with us usually lasts around 10-15 minutes, as this gives us more than enough time to assess the way your body is presenting that day, and make the necessary adjustments. Your body needs time to adapt to these changes, which is why see clients multiple times a week for shorter sessions, rather than one longer session. Not only does research suggest that this approach may be better for getting long term results, but we also see the positive changes with our clients. 

Some people feel like they’re not getting enough value, just having 15 minutes each session. But are you paying for our time, or are you paying for the outcome?  We focus on getting the results we both want to see, to get you feeling the way you want and deserve to feel, and to continue improving your health for the future too. Many people will happily take tablets daily, or get an injection to help with their symptoms, and they continue to do this for years, because it's convenient. But does it give you the results you want? 

If you’re paying for convenience, then we’re not going to be the right clinic for you. But if you’re after results, and want to find out how you can improve your health now and in the future, then get yourself booked in for a free discovery visit to find out more about how we can start you on that journey.