What Makes It All Worth It?

Posted Jun 13, 2022 at 15:27

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This is less of an informative, inspirational blog and more of an appreciation post and a thank you.

On my first day back in practice after a well deserved holiday, I was reminded of why I do what I do. It was safe to say that after 10 hours of traveling yesterday and no clue what day of the week it was, I was a little bit out of sorts driving to work this morning. 

But after a weekly meeting with the boss first thing, i was back up and running. Shortly afterwards I conducted a members review (something we do every 3 months). This particular member has been coming to the practice for 15 months now and is still surprising me. 

When they first came to practice, they tested as a 1/10 on our unique vitality score. Meaning their nervous system had a significantly diminished level of function. Now 15 months later, they’re a 9/10 (which is shamefully better than myself currently). Not only that, since then we have added an additional 5 tests, taking the total up to 10 tests. And, they are still testing at a 70/100. 

Not only has this person progressed from a 1/10 to a 9/10 but even after adding in an additional 5 health tests, they are still at 70%. Now always striving for better, our first reaction was how do we get 75%. 

But once I had taken a step back I was able to see the significance of what it was. 

A complete turn around of a person’s health in just 15 months. Now it wasn't easy, this person has committed 15 months to themselves and their own health, continuously, week in and week out. 

But to sit back on my first day back in practice after a week away and be reminded with the “why”, I was truly grateful. 

They say “If you can change just 1 person's life, you have made a difference”. 

Well, although it may get hard sometimes, and it's straining and fatiguing. I today was able to sit back and appreciate how fortunate I am to change thousands of people’s lives every year. 

And I would like to thank everybody, who has given me and the rest of the team the opportunity to do that for them. To make an impact on people's health and the health of their loved ones every single day is humbling to say the least.  

And we are forever grateful to be part of that journey with you.