You Are Capable Of EXTRA-Ordinary things

Posted Jun 13, 2022 at 15:07

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Welcome to your weekly dose of motivation and optimism. 

This blog was inspired by my girlfriend who at the weekend achieved something she most probably felt she could never do, and did it with reasonable ease. All it takes is consistent effort and a little help and guidance. 

The achievement in question is running 9 miles through, down and very much up, the Peak District hills having only started treadmill running a couple months previous. If I were to have asked my significant other 3 months ago could she do it? The answer would have been a resounding no. 

If I asked her the morning of , could she do it? The answer would probably still be a no. 

Because anytime we look at a goal in its fullest it is always daunting or scary, if it's not, then the goal isn't big enough. But if you begin to break that goal down into small bite size chunks it begins to look more appealing.

That's why, on the day of the “run”, i said “we are going to start at a slow plod and run the bits we can, walk the bits we can’t, and if we end up walking all of it, then that's what we do.” 

This does 2 things; 

  1. Take all pressures, obligations and ultimately fear of failure out of it, because worse comes to worse we run 100 yards stop and have a lovely walk.


  1. Breaks the big goal down of “going for a 9 mile run” into a much more manageable “run the bits I can”. Which when you get started you soon figure out is a lot more than you thought. 

What's mentally more challenging,  being 1 mile into a 9 mile run, or, running the bits you can for the next 9 miles?

Similarly, is it easier to lose 1 stone body weight before September, or, 1 lb per week repeatedly?

Saving 1 THOUSAND pound this year or saving £2.70 each day?

EVERYONE is capable of EXTRA-Ordinary things with the right approach and little guidance and support. 

We see it every day in practice. It isn’t always done on day 1. Rarely do clients come in with the goal of losing 3 stone over the course of the year. 

At first they start with being in less pain so they can work more easily. Then this progresses to working more easily and going for a 1 mile walk after work. After months this can then progress to going for a 1 mile walk everyday and starting the gym 2x per week. 

We’ve all been there right?

The client then starts to see their amazing results and wants to keep this going and starts to change their sleep habits. Meaning they are getting more sleep and are more energetic and switch on. With this energy they start to prepare their dinners to take to work with them instead of buying food out. 

Gradually this client has gone from being in intense pain not being able to work, to working pain free, walking 1 mile everyday, sleeping better, going to the gym 2x per week, eating healthier, spending less, has lost 3 stone and feels 10x better for it. 

It all starts with 1 achievable goal and the help and support from an expert to get you there.

My favourite “fitness explorer” Ross Edgely always says “be naive enough to start, but stubborn enough to finish”. 

It always begins by starting and ends once you have been consistent and stubborn  enough to achieve it.