Your Environment Affects Your Behaviour

Posted Apr 21, 2022 at 17:32

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Do you find your environment, such as home, office or holiday, affects how you behave?


For example, like many people over the Easter Bank Holiday I went on a weekend break. My partner and I drove to Bicester by the Cotswolds and stopped for a couple nights. While there I noticed a change in my behavior and habits which spurred this blog.


For the last couple months I have struggled waking up in the morning, sometimes not leaving myself enough time to workout before I go to work, a habit I have routinely done 4 or 5 times a week for years. 


For the first time ever, i have struggled to wake up for my usual routine and have as a result started to workout less over the last 2 months and ever. 


Surprisingly, while away on holiday with no requirement to wake up, no alarm, no deadline to leave the house, I found myself naturally waking up earlier than I have been for the last few months.


Not only waking up earlier, but feeling better rested and energetic from the get go. 


The million pound question, Why?


The only answer I can think of is “it’s a change of environment and routine”. We know our brains are always changing and adapting. Creating patterns and habits all the time. We even know our brains can create habits between environments, surroundings and our emotions in them. 


Has my nervous system changed its routine while at home to one that subconsciously, goes up to bed 1 hour later, spends 30 minutes longer in bed in the mornings and now doesn't workout. If so, how do I change that?


Any of our clients should know the answer. It takes 66-157 days to form a habit. Whether that be waking up at an earlier time and working out, or retraining the brain to send quicker more efficient instructions to the body. 


My take home lesson here, which i feel some may benefit from also is; is your current environment working for you, or against you when it comes to achieving your ideal lifestyle.


And if it's not working for you know, what do you need to work on over the next 66- 157 days to change that habit and create a better one.