Your First Adjustment: Part 2

Posted May 17, 2021 at 18:15

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What does the adjustment do?

We use this tool as it's the most powerful way to make a powerful and fast change to the function of the nervous system.

Adjustments are applied to specific joints, in a specific direction, with a specific intention and a specific force by a clinician who has had thousands of hours of training; designed to have a nervous system enhancing effect to optimize function and fire up the brain-body connection.

They are also "high velocity, low amplitude" impulses to the joints, this ensures, negligible stress is put through all involved ligaments and tissues, no more than normal day to day pressures.

What happens during an adjustment?

As the joint reaches a point of stretch, gas is suddenly released from the joint and synovial fluid seeps in creating powerful neurological changes and increased joint lubrication as well as releasing endorphins- feel good hormones.

Effects of the adjustment

Everyone is healthier after an adjustment!

1) It increases the connection & calibration between the brain and the body ensuring optimum control, reducing excess body stress points.

2) It increases joint movement. After an adjustment the joint is immediately moving more. The length of time the joint has been restricted for and the health of the surrounding tissues will dictate how long the joint will take to fully release, this can take up to 3- 4months.

3) Releases endorphins that help you get to sleep faster and rest longer aswell as combating anxiety & depression.

4) Reduces blood pressure & resting heart rate

5) Increases blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability

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