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Your First Adjustment: What to Expect!

Once hearing the details of our clients health concerns, we analyse all the info discussed & assessed to gain an in-depth understanding of the causes of our clients issues. This helps to lay down an accurate plan to start resolving these issues as quickly as possible.

🎉Once this has been established, you are ready to be adjusted!🎉

The medium we use most of all is called the and Adjustment.

In a nutshell this is a fast impulse delivered by hand into your joints, particularly the joints of the spine but importantly the cranium, pelvis, jaw, arms & legs too.

There can be some pops & crack noises during this where gas is being released from the joint.

What to expect after an adjustment?

Expect to feel good!

Many of our clients start laughing after their first adjustment, be it from the endorphins released, the immediate relief or the rapid increase in muscle power after.

After this first adjustment many clients feel 'different', often some soreness is to be expected since weight distribution and function has changed. Pressure can be felt in areas of the body that have been underworking for too long. When active again, they can ache like when starting exercise after a long break.

For those who've been struggling for a long time, it can take a few adjustments to feel changes, despite changes happening from day 1.

Interested in experiencing this for yourself?

Why not give out team a call on 01782499670 and see how we can help :)

Keep posted for part 2 of this blog where we'll look at what happens during an adjustment and what it does🚀

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