Your Life Sentence!

Posted May 17, 2021 at 17:54

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For the rest of my life?

One of our missions at the clinic to provide, promote and embody salutogenic healthcare.

What that is?

Literally, salutogenesis translates to ‘the origins of health’, from the Latin ‘Salus’ meaning Health, and the Greek ‘Genesis’ meaning origin or beginning. The term was first coined in 1979 by medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky in his book, Health, stress and Coping, after developing a theory that suggested that the way people viewed their life has a positive or negative influence on their health. The term evolved slightly but still it means focusing on health and not disease.

This is why we don’t do ‘quick fixes’ but work with our clients until their nervous system and body are functioning on optimal level. We focus on HEALTH.

In simple words: the better is your health; the less chance is there that you will develop disease.

The time it takes for that shift from disease-pain or loss of function to optimally functioning varies and for soft tissues it can take twelve to eighteen months or even longer. Generally speaking the longer you had a problem the more changes would have occurred in your system and the longer it will take to bring the balance back.

Last week I had interesting conversation with one of our clients. The question was: ‘Will I have to do it for the rest of my life?’ And I think it is a very important question.

The answer is YES.

Perhaps not as frequently as you may need to see us at the beginning of your journey to health but our body and nervous system need care throughout the whole life.

Living in the pathogenic healthcare system that focuses on disease we got used to thinking about our health mainly when something goes wrong.

But getting your nervous system checked, getting adjusted and getting massage treatment should be seen as part of regular healthcare to help your body function the best way possible. Let’s just think for a moment about these situations.

What do you think would happen if you brushed your teeth for three months and then stopped for the rest of your life?

Or would you eat Mc Donalds every single day for ten years, then diet for two months and feel like you can go back to the bad dietary habits without throwing away the work you have done in the two months?

When it comes to many other areas of our health, way too often we don’t do the regular check and maintenance to ensure that everything is ticking just right before any problem occurs. This is why we want to reach out to as many people as possible to raise the awareness of the importance of looking after your health and maintaining health before disease occurs.