• Dr Andrew Smy

60 Second Stress Cure

Feeling stressed or anxious? Try our 60 Second Stress Cure!

1. Gently press your lips together 2. Keep your teeth slightly apart, tongue on the roof of your mouth (just behind your top teeth where your tongue hits when you say 'na na na') 3. Gently focus your eyes and attention on a point in the distance 4. Breathe in slowly and lightly through your nose and focus on really slowing the air as it passes through your nostrils 5. Just focus on slowing the air as it passes your nostrils 6. Pause at the end of your breath in for a second 7. Instead of breathing out, make a humming sound (try not to smile to yourself the first few times you do this 😊) for as long as possible. 8. Pause at the end of the breath out for 3-4 seconds 9. Repeat the process again for a total of 7 hums

P.S. Remember it's okay to smile when humming 😊

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